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Ovnklar lørdagslam fra Neqi

Brugsen Narsaq

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Ovnklar lørdagslam fra Neqi.

Ovnklar Lørdags lam


Answers to many questions.

How are the goods shipped?

All provisions are sent by Royal Arctic Line, to the port of Aarhus or to the port in the capital.

What then from there?

You have the option of picking it up yourself, or you can have it delivered.

Nanufood has made an agreement with an that can deliver right to your door.

Where is better to order several together.

The price of 285 is up to 30 kg. But you are welcome to send to several people in the same shipment.
The price for shipping is still the same.
Therefore - the more you are, the cheaper.

Things you can't order.

There are a number of products that are illegal to send to Denmark.

These include porpoises and all kinds of whales, except Tigaagullik.