Sales to private individuals in DK

We send goods to Darnmark with RAL . Order together, it pays off best. shipping to Aarhus or Køge always dkk 285,-

You have the option of having your goods delivered directly to your door with the company Xpressen .

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We are still in an experimental phase, where even the food authorities are not completely aware of how it should be handled.

Therefore, a new name must be given on the shipping document for every 5 kg that is placed in the box. Weird.

  • The item is packed and sent.

    When you have purchased your item, the item is packed and sent with RAL to Denmark.

  • The item is sent with RAL

    The package is typically sent as frozen goods. See the many rules here.

    See rules here. 
  • The item arrives in DK.

    When the item arrives in DK, it must still go to you, unless you pick it up yourself.

    Read more here. 
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