About Kalaaliaraq - kalaalimineerniarfik

Kalaaliaraq or kalaalimineerniarfik is Greenlandic for the places in Greenland where you buy Greenlandic provisions, caught by the local fishermen and trappers.

The things that are sold are typically sold right after they have caught the things.

For many years I have heard how difficult it can sometimes be to get hold of Greenlandic food, both from Greenland and Denmark, but now also all sorts of other countries.

The site is for anyone who has had anything to do with Greenland and misses eating our fantastic food.

Our main product will be to sell to restaurants and communities, such as the Greenlandic houses or other places that could possibly be bought.

When you shop here, you directly support the prisoners on the outskirts of Greenland. They have very few outlets and with your purchase we can help support their livelihood.